Cinzia De Santis was born in Italy and moved to Venezuela as a baby. She studied Biology, had an exciting career in business and now devotes her time to her passions: books and traveling. Cinzia is also very active in the charitable sector. She is the founder of a UK registered charity, Healing Venezuela, that sends medical supplies to the country and is on the UK board of an international charity, The Art of Living. Cinzia had been an actor, performing both as an amateur and a professional, and it was then that she started writing short stories in Spanish. Cinzia moved to England in 2003 and now lives in London. She has written a novel in Spanish: “El Sentido de la Oscuridad” and a compilation of short stories: “Amor Merc├║rico”, both available on Amazon. In 2014, Cinzia wrote her first novel in English: “The Sense of Darkness” and has published the first 2 books of a trilogy: The Guide of Time, a fascinating journey through human history and a timeless love story.